Brandshop (formerly SureSource), a Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS) portfolio company is a leading provider of e-commerce technology and services for brands that care about their consumers shopping experience. The Company, operating for more than 20 years, was recently featured in an article by Reece Alvarez in the business journal, Westfaironline. The article discusses the underlining success of Brandshop, and  growth and opportunities offered by online retail.

VSS invested in Brandshop in 2007, and Reuben Hendell joined  as  CEO of the Company in 2014, from eBay Enterprise where he served as Chief Strategy Officer. He started his functions by implementing a  new business model focusing on providing services for brands to help them sell products. In line with the growth of online retail and the shift in consumer behavior, the success of the Company relies in its ability to understand the increasingly importance of customer experience. Over the last two decades, meeting consumers online has gone from a low to top priority. Brands need to connect and interact with their customers to get them involved at different levels such as emotional, sensorial, and spiritual, which according to Hendell is the emerging vision of where direct-to-consumer commerce is going. The creation of an extensive and engaging customer experience for brands is Brandshop’s key differentiation point from its competitors, which has led the Company to add major brands to its Fortune 1000 client base, such as Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and Caldrea. In the years to come, VSS’s  portfolio company should continue to benefit from the significant  growth of e-commerce, which  accounted for 7.3% of total sales in 2015, according to the US. Department of Commerce’s estimates.