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VSS Snapshot

VSS's Structured Capital Funds are dedicated to providing non-control capital to middle market companies to assist with acquisitions, product launches, buyouts and other corporate initiatives.

The VSS Structured Capital Funds investment approach involves investing in a combination of securities such as subordinated notes, preferred stock, common stock and/or warrants. Investments are structured to balance the funding needs and capital servicing abilities of the company with the return expectations of our investors. The combination of debt and minority equity can be an attractive alternative to control-oriented private equity or other forms of debt, for business owners seeking growth capital and/or seeking to diversify their net worth. This approach provides borrowing capability beyond senior debt while minimizing the dilution associated with equity capital.

Typical Transactions:
The Structured Capital Funds invest alongside owners and management teams to support the following types of transactions

  • Acquisition financing to assist companies with specific acquisitions and/or to consolidate a number of industry participants;
  • Liquidity events for owners, diversifying net worth and facilitating estate planning;
  • Organic Growth Initiatives such as new product launches, geographic expansion or capital expenditure projects;
  • Management Buyouts; and
  • Recapitalizations

As part of the VSS platform the Structured Capital Funds have the experience of assisting companies with their growth initiatives. VSS is known as a partner who understands the industries in which we invest and can assist management teams with perspectives on industry trends, introductions to industry contacts, sourcing and executing add-on acquisitions, arranging supplemental financing and identifying exit.