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VSS Snapshot

Since 1987, VSS has managed four private equity funds ("the Equity Funds") that have invested over $3 billion of fund and co-investor equity in companies that have realized and unrealized enterprise values of over $14 billion.

Typical transaction structures that the Equity Funds have historically used include:

  • management buyouts and buy-ins,
  • expansion or acquisition financings,
  • leveraged recapitalizations,
  • leveraged buildups,
  • "going private" transactions,
  • and strategic and corporate partnerships.

The Equity Funds′ strategy is to make control investments across a diverse group of targeted industry segments in North America and Europe. Typical transaction size involves companies which have historically had enterprise values of $50 million to $750 million at the time of the initial VSS investment. We generally target companies for which there are significant add-on acquisition opportunities.